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  • My boyfriend never told me he was a nudist!

    My boyfriend never told me he was a nudist!
    A relationship is made of very many factors; people think you just have to be in love, but I think assuming the little details might have adverse consequences in the future. My boyfriend of eight months and I talked about keeping secrets in our relationship just recently after we almost broke up. This is because of his habit of thinking I am an angel to look right in his soul or that I don't need to know this and that. So I don't know if talking about it will help or he will continue with his habit. I am hopeful that the issue of keeping secrets will not resurface again in our relationship. I just found out last week that those eight months I have not known my boyfriend that well, I felt cheated and ignored. I got photos of my boyfriend naked with some girls, well, before I got any of his explanations, my heart was in my knees, I was instantly heartbroken, and I went berserk. Lucky him, he was gone on a journey which I later came to find out that it was a nudist one again. I wa[...]
  • Japanese Government Want Onsens Ease on Tattoo’s Policy

    Japanese Government Want Onsens Ease on Tattoo’s Policy
    There has been an increase in numbers of foreigners and local that are willing to visit Japanese onsens. And for this reason, there has been an increase in onsens all over Japan. It's turning as if nudism lifestyle has its way in Japanese onsens. It was not common to see onsens user nude outside the hot baths, but a foreigner in some few onsen are developing a tendency of moving up and down all over those facilities in their birthday suit. At times Japanese onsen attendants are finding it awkward and shameful for male and females to move all around in their birthday suits but say that they are adapting to this idea. In these onsens like in any other facilities, there are rules that each person need to observe while in these onsens. Some rules do make sure that the onsen users are comfortable while other make sure that the onsen there is proper hygiene all the time.  Although at times these rules and regulations are confusing especially to foreign first users, people do get to know[...]
  • I found a family I never had in my nudist friends!

    I found a family I never had in my nudist friends!
    I am a practicing nudist for seven years now, a lifestyle that has contributed a very big part of my life changes. This includes overcoming my addiction and getting myself a pack of friends who are like a family to me. In fact, they are the only people I have in the world. My story is not one from rags to riches but from loneliness to a vibrant and blooming heart. Happiness is above all the other things we normally yearn for; my life has made me realize this, all a person needs is happiness. I have a testimony of hundreds of pages, but  I don't like talking about it because I feel like it is a shadow to my blessings. But for the sake of understanding just how valued the current people in my life are, I will have to give a very brief background. To show just how much I value every individual who saw me as a human and embraced me contrary to what I have been witnessing out there.  I opt to take my past as a lesson, and it has helped me make the right decisions in my adult life. [...]